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THE INTERNET IS A GRINDER. We feed it all our beautiful, rich human expressions, and out comes a slimy, grey goo – distinctions blurred; meaning lost.


WE ARE PUTTING THE GRINDER IN REVERSE. In this project, we are collecting raw material from the digital realm, sucking the grey goo back into the grinder and conjuring up chunky, juicy bits of meaningful art. Some of the resulting artworks are physical objects and spaces out here in the real world, some are irl/digital go-betweens, communicating across the borders.




Rift is an audio-visual installation predicting the future of COVID-19. The artwork generates a constantly changing chord from the predictions of four scientifically developed models for future COVID-19 infections. Essentially, the predictions’ divergence is making the music.


Both interpretation of historical data and mathematical modelling of future infection rates greatly influence the decisions our society makes in response. The models we are employing in this artwork are in use by governments and organizations around the world.


By bringing them together as an ensemble, making their often wildly different predictions sing, we hope to underline the ambiguity of such modelling, and the inherent weaknesses in a purely data-driven approach to the messy, unruly business of human social life.


The installation will be playing until the pandemic retreats and the four tones consequentially converge at zero.

Enjoying Music


AUTOKOS is an artificial audience service providing inflated enthusiasm to any concert! Consisting of an armada of trained AI bots based on real comments from a series of streaming concerts using machine learning techniques.   A

AUTOKOS is available for both digital and physical concerts, though it really comes to life when complementing the human audience at a physical concert giving that special mix of man-and-machine flavoured KOS.

Online Guitar Class
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